22. Juni 2024

Bungie has given fans their first listen to Keith David as Commander Zavala in Destiny 2, following the passing of former actor, Lance Reddick.

This short video for the new chapter of the great character for the Guardians in Destiny 2, appeared in a ViDoc video earlier today. The nine-minute video, called Becoming Legend – Part 1: Confronting Oblivion, includes several short phrases of David’s proud manner of speaking.

“I used to think I’d give anything to bring you back,” Commander Zavala said in the video. “I won’t lose another soldier in this war,” he says at another point. Both videos were recorded and shared by @DestinyBulletn on X/Twitter.

Reddick, who had played the commander since the character’s intrusion in 2017, died suddenly in March 2023. In addition to his role in Destiny, he was known for his acting credits in John Wick, The Wire, Lost, Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West and more. Reddick was a big fan of Destiny and gaming in general, so it was no surprise that his fellow fans miss him greatly.

In August, it was announced that David would be taking over the role of Commander Zaval, and he posted about Reddick’s work.

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